5 days duration

This workshop-based course is designed for SMS Qualified Saddle Fitters only. It will include methods used to adjust saddles either on-site or in the workshop that, in your opinion, will put the rider in the perfect position without impeding the movements of the horse as well as adjusting different types of saddle to take into consideration riders’ needs in varying disciplines

Students will learn:

  • Dropping the panel
  • Lacing in the panel
  • Complete re-flocking
  • Use of quilting stitches
  • Flocking to help unevenly developed horses or those with problem backs
  • Panel types and suitability
  • When not to flock

We do accept that all horses and ponies are individuals and may require different types of fitting. The course is designed to give you a good overall insight into adjusting saddles in order to complement and expand your existing knowledge of saddle fitting.
Tools, leather and buckles will be supplied by the school or students may bring their own.
(A list of tools required can be obtained prior to starting the course)
A certificate of attendance will be awarded at the end of the course.